About Us

We believe the current method of fundraising for nonprofit organizations is not working and limits their long-term success. That is why we offer a different method for raising valuable capital for any type of nonprofit. Our fundraising platform for nonprofits gives organizations the ability to give away large prizes to donors, creating once-in-a-lifetime benefits for donors while allowing nonprofits to raise the money they need.

Our fundraising platform enables organizations to focus heavily on the work they do within the community while we support them in raising funds. We believe this is necessary because many nonprofits do not have another source of funding. They do not have access to the marketing and highly skilled fundraising talent to reach their goals.


When individuals donate to the causes we support, they have the chance to win incredible, life-changing prizes. We have raised millions and supported dozens of charities with our platform. Our methods allow us to raise more money for nonprofit organizations than most other methods.

We enable nonprofits to focus on the work they are doing. We handle the marketing, the development of content, including videos with celebrities, and the technology needed. We create the website and enable organizations to sit back and watch funds come in.

How Donations are Used

When you make a donation to a charity, you get a chance to win a big prize. This could be a celebrity prize, for example, such as tickets to a movie or theater premier or dinner with a celebrity. A portion of each donation goes toward paying for the experience you may have. The much larger portion goes to the charity that is doing the work you want to support. If there is matching within the campaign, 100% of those funds go to the identified nonprofit.

The percentage that goes toward each differs per campaign. In general, at least 60% of every donation goes toward the charity. Because we offer much bigger prizes, this yields significantly bigger returns.

We encourage you to learn more about how our fundraising platform works and to get involved. Thanks to generous donations from people like you, we have been able to create impressive experiences while also ensuring charities receive the funding they need.